Sa Tan Temple – peaceful sanctuary on Vam Thuat River

Sa Tan Temple – peaceful sanctuary on Vam Thuat River

Sa Tan Temple (also called Ba Temple or Noi Temple) is a floating temple on Vam Thuat River in HCMC’s Go Vap District.

The temple is recommended as an ideal venue for those who love ancient architecture or people looking for a peaceful place to mend their soul.

For many years, Sa Tan Temple has attracted pilgrims and visitors from the city and neighboring areas, especially on holidays or during the twelfth and first month of the lunar year.

Covering 2,500 square meters, the temple is surrounded by water. Therefore, to get the temple, visitors have a journey on their hands. To reach the destination head east on Nguyen Thai Son in Go Vap District until the road ends, you then turn left onto Tran Ba Giao and drive about two blocks, where you’ll see a small shrine on your right. You can park your bike inside the lot and take a small boat over to the island on a 10 minute ride which costs VND10,000 for a round trip.

The temple is impressive due to the elegant architecture of three buildings linked together by two narrow yards. The tiled roofs are made in two layers and enameled with cyan color. On each rooftop are decorated dragons.

The gate is designed with images of dragons, lions, turtles and phoenix as well as flower patterns and daily life drifting on the river. The impressive ceramic pillars are carved meticulously.

The sanctuary is spacious under the shades of large, ancient trees. At sunset, the atmosphere is more calm and peaceful when herds of doves hover around and perch on the temple.

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