Trekking to Ba Doi Om Mountain

Trekking to Ba Doi Om Mountain

In late fall, coming to the Mekong Delta to experience trekking on the mountains is a good choice for visitors.

Tourists may have heard of the stunning and mysterious That Son Mountain Range and should not miss the trek up Ba Doi Om Mountain in Tan Thuan Hamlet, Tan Loi Commune, Tinh Bien District in An Giang Province.

The mountain belongs to That Son Range, is about 215 meters high and has a torturous path through dense forests and shaded by ancient giant trees.

However, the path is scattered with many rocks in diverse sizes and shapes, serving trekkers as a place to sit and enjoy ancient artwork.

Moreover, along the way are many grottoes which before were caves for animals and snakes to settle in such as tigers, lions and cobras. Even now, many people still do not dare to go there, but you can look from the outside if you are scared.

Some sections on the path slope 80 degrees and tourists have to be careful where they walk but will be treated with the beauty of wild flowers, butterflies, insects and tiny streams murmuring through rocks.

At the halfway stage is an old abandoned temple dedicated to worship a woman who legend states fossilized into a rock after longing for her husband. She is called Ba Doi Om (a lady carrying a jar on her head) as she often put a rice jar on her head on her way up the mountain to wait for her true love.

Trekking further, tourists will meet a very large and spacious yard to take a rest after a long and hard journey. Interestingly there is a cave there which was inhabited by humans.

One of the specialties in That Son region is beef rice soup that diners should try. There are many unusual dishes made of scorpions if you dare to try them, don’t worry their deadly sting is long gone. On the way back, tourists can shop at Tinh Bien border gate to find some souvenirs or goods.

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