Nice clean air at weekend vacation at Fairy Stream

Nice clean air at weekend vacation at Fairy Stream

Binh Thuan Province’s Phan Thiet City is a popular destination for Saigonese when choosing weekend vacations thanks in part to its beautiful sandy beaches. But, there is so much more to do than just swim in the sea, so come to Fairy Stream and have a little paddle for a change.

Fairy Stream is a beauty spot in Ham Tien Ward 18 kilometers northeast of Phan Thiet City’s center. The stream is over two kilometers long and is quite shallow, with the deepest spot only 30 centimeters, but it has stunning scenery which can surprise you. Fairy Stream does not look like any other streams I have ever seen before.

The very first impression that I had is the water color, which is dark red because of the red sand and yellow clay. However, the farther I paddled, the more excited I was. The best part, the most beautiful part of Fairy Stream is the colorful sand hillock. The sand here is in many different colors like red, gray, tan, brown and white. Winds and rain have created eroded sandstones of different shapes and sizes. One side of the stream is a colorful sand hillock and the other is lines of aquatic plants. The end of the stream is marked by a small waterfall with pure and cool water which can refresh you before walking back.

It is quite easy to reach Fairy Stream from Phan Thiet City. All you need is to take the bus No. 1 which will run to Mui Ne Ward. Remember to tell the bus conductor that you will get off at Fairy Stream or Rang Bridge, which is a small bridge crossing the stream on Huynh Thuc Khang Street. And Fairy Stream, here we come.

Right at the bridge, you will see a narrow stone-paved path and stone staircases which lead you straight to the stream. There is also a sign ‘keeping shoes – VND5,000/ pair of shoes’ set up by local people. And if you are foreigners, local boys often persuade you to use the service. VND5,000 is not too much I guess, but you may prefer to wear shoes when paddling or keep your own shoes and walk barefoot. Besides, you can either ask locals to guide around the place or discover it yourself.

So next time when you take a short weekend vacation to Phan Thiet, come to Fairy Stream, roll up your trousers and enjoy its cool water.

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